Social Marketing Consultation

We offer a free consultation with one of our Social Media Marketing Experts, to help you consider what Social Media and Facebook in particular, can do for your business. This no-obligation consultation will provide you with a number of tailored social marketing solutions which can be implemented into your business, to help you increase your customer base.

Facebook Fan Page Design

A custom built Fan Page is the key to your all your Social Marketing activities. With Facebook growing at an exponential rate, we can develop a custom lead-generating Fan Page package tailored to suit your business. If you are unsure as to why your business might need a Fan page, check out the “Why social marketing?” video.

Facebook Viral Applications

The power of Facebook is unleashed by creating content that goes viral; this means that your ‘fans’ recommend things to their friends, and their friends act upon it (and recommend it to their friends and so on). We have several top-class viral applications that we can utilise in the creation of your business Fan Page and after analysing your business requirements, we will implement the appropriate one(s).

Facebook Training

Worried, because you have never used Facebook before? Don’t be, we offer a complete on-site training service. Our Social Media Experts will show you exactly how to work each and every aspect of Facebook that is applicable to your business [This training can also be done remotely].

Fan Page Maintenance, Updates and Hosting Service

Like with anything online, there is some degree of maintenance, updates and hosting required. We provide an affordable service (several options) that allows you to leave the hard work to us, while you concentrate on dealing with all the new leads you are acquiring via Facebook.

Social Media has an unparalleled ROI and this is something we can help your business capitalize on. Call us today on 01536 737 557 and together we can boost your bottom line.

Other Services

Mobile Website Design

With half of all local searches been performed on mobile devices and 83% of people landing on a non-mobile optimised website leaving almost immediately, it will pay to get your existing site mobile ready. We can create for you a mobile site that compliments your existing business website and configure your set-up to redirect mobile users directly to it; giving your customers exactly what they want.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

SMS text open rates are close to 100%, a targeted SMS campaign can really do wonders for those slack days. Our SMS text service is an affordable option for businesses who want to reap the benefits of SMS without breaking the bank.

QR Code Marketing

QR code scans increased by 4549% between 2010 and 2011; therefore it is safe to say the general public have warmed to the idea of using them. Used in the correct way, QR codes are a powerful weapon to have in your marketing arsenal. Read “A QR Code Can Open Many Doors” for more info.

Reputation Management

Negative, inaccurate or misleading content appearing online makes a bad impression on people searching for your business. A recent study revealed that one bad online review can cut your revenues by up to 9%. Our reputation management service identifies problems early and takes the necessary steps to limit the effect this negative material has on your business.

Free Consultation

If you are curious about Facebook and/or social marketing in general, but not quite sure how it can benefit your business? Allow us to provide you with a free business specific consultation, so you can make an informed decision. Call 01536 737 557 today and speak to the Experts.

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