A QR Code Can Open Many Doors

QR codes are small black and white codes that are generally square in shape. Once you notice them, you realize that they are nearly everywhere, but do you know how QR codes can help your business?

QR codes are quickly becoming the next big thing in business marketing campaigns because they can do so much for both you and your customers. Your customers can scan, read and use these codes in order to get discounts, information, or receive special offers and in turn you get increased awareness of your company, increased customer retention, and ultimately more profits!

  Custom QR Codes

Of course QR codes do not have to remain as black and white squares, they can be customised, using colours, logos, images etc.

This helps them stand out and get noticed, it can also be a good talking point amongst your customers.

Take a look at the images on the right and try to visualise an interesting way in which you could customized your QR code.

You can set up QR codes to make phone calls, send text messages, send emails, or redirect to a URL.

This provides a huge benefit to your business, as you can now reach even more customers in ways like never before.

Did You Know?

  • 81% of people know QR codes when they see them
  • 50% of smartphone users have scanned a QR code before
  • 41% of people scanned a QR code to get more information (i.e. about the company, product, deal, etc.)
  • And nearly one-fifth of those that scanned QR codes made a purchase

Research like this proves QR codes are here to stay and as they become even more popular, you need to find a way benefit from this. Call us today on 01536-737557, for a free consultation on how you can incorporate and benefit from using QR codes in your business marketing strategy.